The History of Savvy Sox

The History of Savvy Sox

About Savvy Sox

In 2013—with an eye for fashion, hunger for success, and a total of $500 to his name—19-year-old Brandon Colon created a sock line called Savvy Sox. While working part-time at Tilly’s and attending Riverside Community College full-time, Colon took the idea to create something fresh and innovative and made it come to life in his very own living room. One night as he drove home, he decided to take the initiative to make his dream a reality. Shuffling through brand ideas in his mind, he worked throughout the night until he created a name and logo. As the next few days passed, he began creating an entire collection of styles.

During this period of development, Colon realized how unique his products were and decided to start manufacturing them. With the help of a manufacturing company, Colon succeeded in creating four sample styles.

The next step in his process was sharing them with his closest friends and family.

Unfortunately, to his surprise, no one seemed to agree with his vision; they doubted that the socks would be a big hit. Instead, they advised him to not waste his time and money, claiming that no one would pay tha price he proposed for the socks.

After receiving the first bit of feedback on the socks, Colon became discouraged; nonetheless, he later decided to continue to follow his desire. His vision for Savvy Sox was motivating enough to push him to pursue what was yet to come.

About a month later, Colon contacted a small clothing boutique near the Ontario Mills shopping mall in Ontario, CA, in hopes that the store was interested in carrying his products. The store buyer was onboard with the idea to sell the new brand because of how new and unique the product was. In addition to the store’s support, Colon also started an online store.

On November 29, 2013, Colon launched his first four styles and introduced Savvy Sox to the public. In less than one week, he sold out both online and in his first store. The support was incredible, and it encouraged him to pursue other retailors, create more styles, and produce more merchandise.

Although he encountered much success, Colon also encountered many problems that kept his company from growing. During Savvy Sox’s first year, Colon realized how much his academic goals and part-time job at Tilly’s kept him from giving his company the attention it needed. So, he decided to quit both school and work to give his all to Savvy Sox. Unfortunately, that was not the only problem he encountered.

Another problem he had was with giving his product awareness. Colon found it strategic and necessary to pursue all kinds of celebrities in order for his product to gain more exposure. It became a routine for him to attend celebrity events and obtain the contact information of people working closest to a celebrity, if not the celebrity itself. This strategy involved giving away many free products, but it resulted in much needed publicity.

Eventually, Savvy Sox generated enough earnings to move into an office in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, where the socks are manufactured today. Savvy Sox is now sold in over 500 retail stores, including Zumiez, and is supported by many celebrities.

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