Get Frisky with Funny Valentine’s Socks for Friends, Crushes & Lovers

Get Frisky with Funny Valentine’s Socks for Friends, Crushes & Lovers

Do you know what’s on this Valentine's Day menu? Me-n-U
When you’re feeling frisky
Ready to seduce & frolick
Play some footsies, charm with your best pick-up lines
and break out the wine!
Share some romance with your funny valentine 
Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again…?
If it socks to be single, and
You’re looking for your sole mate
These are perfect for the Lonely Hearts Club
Give yourself a bouquet & pretend it’s from a secret… s(t)ock-er?
Don’t worry, after their first wash one of the socks will be single too
We *heart* you here at Savvy Sox!
Celebrate your perfect match
Or be that NSFW catch 
Tonight our safe word is “Be Mine”
Because life SOCKS without you! 

Cute Valentine's Day NSFW CANDY HEARTS Socks

Cupid puts an arrow through your heart with these totes adorbs flirty candy hearts! These sexy Valentine’s Day socks will let your date know What’s What! Perfect for the Insta-love on your IG feed.

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Photo by Adrienn from Pexels

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