Top 5 Spooky Halloween Socks for Halloween Horror Flicks, Tricks n Treats

Top 5 Spooky Halloween Socks for Halloween Horror Flicks, Tricks n Treats

Are you ready to Netflix n KILL this Halloween?

Here you’ll find the freakiest, funniest, spookiest Halloween socks perfect for binge-watching your bloody zombie apocalypse horror movie marathon! Slip on something suspenseful, play footsies without losing your toes to zombies, get a treat for your trick and most of all have the last laugh as you root for the serial killer!

Serial Killer Halloween Horror SocksSerial Killer Halloween Horror Socks Looking for a Halloween serial killer? These spooky Halloween themed socks will chill you, thrill you & kill you movie buffs as you enjoy your haunted house and killer documentaries!


Nightmares with Freddy Halloween SocksNightmares with Freddy Halloween Socks One, two, Freddy’s coming for you - straight from your favorite Halloween horror movie! Featuring Freddy Krueger’s classic stripes, these scary Halloween themed socks will make trick or treating on Elm Street a nightmare!


Friday the 13th Jason Mask Halloween SocksFriday the 13th Jason Mask Halloween Socks Will your Halloween feel like a horror movie? You’re lucky it won’t fall on Friday the 13th! Try not to leave a trail of blood dripping from Jason Voorhees’ hockey mask as you spook spirits in these scary Halloween themed socks!


Zombie Apocalypse SocksZombie Apocalypse Socks For zombies, zombie fans, zombie hunters and anyone else still awake for the dawn of the dead! These creepy Halloween themed socks hint of the monsters waiting to haunt you on your zombies night out!


MURDER OF CROWS Poe-Inspired Nevermore Raven Halloween SocksMURDER OF CROWS Poe-Inspired Nevermore Raven Halloween Socks You’ll be killing it in these Edgar Allan Poe haunted raven Halloween socks! Black crows and film noir are perfect for a scary spooky Halloween themed costume. Bookworms will love Poe socks as they look out for dark omens.


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